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The counter-culture art class is in session!

This unique hands-on workshop allows you to create your very own graffiti art project with the help of an authentic NYC graffiti artist we’ve wrangled the artist from the sidewalks. They’ll let you in on the secrets of street art where famous artists like Banksy, Shephard Fairy, and Keith Haring have innovated.

Learn the professional tips and techniques of aerosol art, from “fill-ins” to masterpieces, immersing yourself in graffiti art culture for a 1 hour studio. By the end, you’ll be practiced enough to collaborate for a mural.

The workshop takes place in a beautiful Brooklyn art studio in the heart of the artistic Bushwick borough. By cultivating creativity in a controlled, judgement-free environment, we can recommend all ages and talent levels. Leave this workshop with a greater understanding of the craft, and take your newly created work with you.

With a 95% approval rating after 5 years of service, here’s just some what people are spraying on Google Reviews:

“Extremely enjoyable time learning something completely new.”

– Judd Bagley, Google Reviews Local Guide

“We had a great experience! We were in a class with all experience levels and all of the pieces turned out great! Highly recommended for locals or tourists!”

– Bree Hunwardsen, Google Reviews Local Guide

What are you waiting for? Book your experience today! 👇