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Brooklyn Bridge Run Tour

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most iconic landmark in all of New York. At any time of day The Bridge provides great views of Manhattan and Brooklyn and offers a look back at the origins of modern day New York City, when Manhattan and Brooklyn were still separate cities. This short run covers a lot of landmarks, taking you over the Brooklyn Bridge and back on the Manhattan Bridge, then through the streets of Chinatown and The Five Point Area, before finishing up downtown in front of City Hall.

“A great tour of interesting history with a very knowledgeable guide. Loved the course and was able to see all the sites and get some great pics. Thanks to Sam for a really enjoyable run!”

– Emma, Trip Advisor Reviews

“One word – Amazing. If you only do one thing whilst in New York this is it. Sam was extremely knowledgable, professional, good fun and knows everything there is to know about Brooklyn. If we were staying longer would of tried another running route. Thanks Sam.”

– Ellen, Trip Advisor Reviews

Central Park Run Tour

“Nature first, second, and third — architecture after a while,” was the motto of the Central Park architects. It’s hard to imagine that everything you see while running through Central Park was put there by design, but that’s exactly what you’ll experience on The Lower Central Park running tour. The lower portion of the park features the most ambitious landscape architecture ever implemented in the United States and magically escorts the viewer out of the city and into a peaceful park surrounding.

“It was an excellent experience. I loved the overall tour. My trainer toured me around showed me the park. At the same time, he asked and got an idea of my running habit and helped me to do better. I love it so much and will recommend it is worth it.”

– Candace C., Trip Advisor Reviews

“Get up close and personal with nature, a good afternoon walk after a stressful day in the city. You can walk your pet, jog around and bike the whole park with your family.”

– Joy, Trip Advisor Reviews

What are you waiting for? Get outside on your trip to NYC and book your running 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ tour today at the link below! 👇